Siddha system of medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine practiced in South India especially in Tamil Nadu.  It is a traditional system of medicine which is gradually evolved along with the Dravidians’ culture and hence this system is known as Dravidian system of medicine.  The exponents of Siddha system of medicine are called Siddhars.

Concepts of Siddha

The aim of siddha medicine is to make the body perfect, imperishable and to promote longevity.  For the healthy life, Siddhars have mentioned daily and seasonal regimen including dietary habits and also insisted some code of ethics.  This is the first system to emphasis health as the perfect state of physical, mental, social, moral and spiritual component of human beings.

Salient Features of Siddha

     - Simple and safe medicines, Very effective for chronic ailments
     - Not only for correct the diseases but it also maintains the perfect state of the body
     - Medicines are palatable
     - Treatment  available for all age groups
     - Specific treatment for old age (Geriatrics) problems
     - Enhance the immunity of growing children